• These rules are framed by the Government of India as per the power given in the Aircraft Act 1934. These rules have described the following terms:

Health officer- means in respect of an airport in India any person appointed by the Central Government to the health office of the airport;

Infected aircraft- means an aircraft which has any person or animal who carries an infectious disease;

Infected area- in relation to a quarantinable or another infectious disease means any area outside India, declared by the Central Government, by notification in the official Gazette; Isolation is applied to a person or group of persons means the separation that person or group of persons from other persons, except the health staff on duty, in such a manner as to prevent the spread of infection.

Period of incubation-means (a) in respect of a quarantinable disease mentioned below, the period specified against it:-

Yellow fever 6 days

Plague 6 days

Cholera 5 days

Small pox 14 days

Typhus 14 days

Relapsing fever 8 days

  • At the time of arrival of aircraft following measures are taken by the health officer:

When an infected or suspected aircraft coming from a place outside India, the health officer may take the appropriate measures as prescribed by the rules. He may consider medical examination or inspection of any passenger or crew on his/her arrival at the airport particularly when it comes from a yellow fever infected areas. When the aircraft comes from the area where malaria or other mosquito-borne disease could develop from imported vectors, the aircraft may be disinfected. All actions a health officer has to take in relation to the yellow fever, plague, cholera, typhus and relapsing fever have been described.

An aircraft will be regarded as infected with an infectious disease other than quarantinable disease, if it has a case of any infectious diseases on the board.

Except in case of emergency, an aircraft shall not on account of an infectious disease other than quarantinable disease, be prevented by the health officer for loading cargo, stores, taking on fuel or water.

  • At the time of departing, all persons should be certified by the health officer for their medially fitness. In case of pilgrim aircraft all persons should produce valid certificates of vaccination against cholera and yellow fever.

  • No person shall bring into India any dead body or human remains of persons who may have died of yellow fever, plague, anthrax, ganders or such other diseases as may be notified by the Central Government for this purpose. If such body is properly cremated then ashes shall be placed in an urn or casket having an outer packing of suitable material may be brought to India. There are specification for bringing un-cremated remains.

  • No person shall throw or let fall from any aircraft any matter capable of producing an outbreak of a quarantinable or an infectious or any other epidemic disease. Whoever contravene any provision of these rules may be punished for a term not exceeding three months or with fine which may extend to one thousand rupees or with both. The Indian Air Craft (Public Health) Rules need revision considering the recent modification adopted in International Health Regulation.