• The Dangerous Machine means any machine (including power thresher) intended to be used in the industry, agriculture, or rural sector or any other sector when operated by an individual can cause death, dismemberment of any limb or other bodily injury arises during its operation. The state government shall, by notification in the Official Gazette, appoint a controller or Deputy or Assistant controller for carrying out the provisions of this Act (Sec. 5). Such person has authority to issue, renewal and cancellation of licenses to the manufacturers and dealers of such dangerous machines. No such manufacturer or dealer will carry business, unless he holds a valid license (Sec. 9). Manufacturer has to ensure that every part of the dangerous machine conforms to prescribed standards (Sec. 13). Such machine should have sufficient safeguards, instruction and signals imprint on the machine. User should get this machine registered (Sec. 19) and it is the responsibility of employer to give compensation in case of accident (Sec. 22). In section 24 it is provided that employer can get insured the machine or workers to pay the compensation when and where requires.