• The Act has main object of regulating standard of dental education ,dental profession and dental ethics in the country and also recommend to the Government of India to accord permission to start a dental college, start higher education, and to increase seats for students in a dental college.

  • The Act defined following terms: Dental Hygienist is described as s person who scales, cleans and polishes teeth or give instruction in dental hygiene. Dental mechanic is a person who makes or repair denture or dental appliances. Dentistry includes performance of any operation and treatment of disease of jaw or teeth, performance of radiographic work,anesthesia, aritfical denture, etc. Dentist is the person who practices dentistry.

  • The Act authorises the council to give recognition to any degree or diploma in dentistry obtained from India or from foreign countries. Council registered dental hygienist and dental mechanics who have completed prescribed period of training and education. For registration of dental hygienists, mechanists, and dentists, the registers are maintained. The Council appoints an inspector who may inspect any dental college and submit a report which may lead to action and even cancellation of registration of college.

  • No person shall establish an authority or institute to conduct a course of study or training or receiving degree or diploma shall be recognised until it is permitted by the Central Government in accordance with the provision of this Act (10A, 10B, 10C).

  • The Act authorises state governments to constitute state level councils for the fulfillment of the object.

  • False registration or misuse of title during practice is taken as crime and punishable. Name can be removed from the register in case of suppression of fact, or for infamous conduct, or for false registration. Commission of inquiry can be held by 3 persons appointed by Central Government including one judge from the high court. Punishment may be fine up to Rs. 500 to Rs. 1000 or imprisonment up to 6 months or both.