• This law provides the liberalised conditions for women to seek abortion, and for doctors to do it. Following conditions are mentioned in the law when a pregnant woman can get herself aborted.

1. Therapeutic: when the continuation of pregnancy endangers the life of women or may cause grave injury to her physical or mental health.

2. Social: When economic & social environment is not suitable for continuation of pregnancy Contraceptive failure

3. Humanitarian reasons (e.g. rape.)

4. Eugenic reasons when there is a risk of the child born with serious physical or mental handicaps (e.g. congenital defects, etc.)

5. When pregnant woman is mentally not sound (e.g. schizophrenia, mania etc.)
Written consent of the guardian in necessary for abortion of such women.

  • Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) can be done by registered medical practitioner registered under the MCI Act only and those who have undergone 6 months housemanship or 3 years post graduate training in obstetrics and gynecology or any registered medical practitioner who have conducted 25 cases of MTP in approved institution, not by the practitioners of other system of medicine. When pregnancy is less than 12 weeks duration then one medical practitioner can perform the MTP but if the duration of pregnancy is more than 12 weeks but less than 20 weeks then two medical practitioners should consult each other and certify that if pregnancy is not terminated may endanger the life of that woman or mental or physical injury or pregnancy will give rise to congenital defect in child.

  • MTP can be conducted in government hospital / nursing homes/ centres approved by the Directorate of Health Services (DHS), or by Chief Medical Officer (CMO) of District.