• An act to provide for strict liability for damage arising out of any accident or handling (any) hazardous substance and for the establishment of a National Environmental Tribunal for effective and expeditious disposal of cases arising from such accidents, with a view to giving relief and compensation for damages to persons, property, and the environment for matters connect therewith.

  • Environment includes water, air, and land and the interrelationship that exists among and between water, air, and land, and human beings, other living creatures, plants, microorganism and property (Sec 2). The damage permanent or temporary, disability, loss of wages, medical expenses, or death occurs due to an accident, the owner shall be liable to pay compensation (Sec 3) Application for compensation is described in Sec. 4. Procedures and power provided by this Act to establish tribunal by Central Government (Sec. 8) and its composition are given (Sec 9).