• The Trade Union Act, 1926 was enacted in pre-independent India with the objects of promoting social justice among workers. In 1987 the Government of India circulate some proposals for amending this Act in keeping with the changing times. The trade union can be formed with a minimum of 7 members as executive members and get it register in prescribed format with the Registrar. Twenty five percent of the total workforce of an establishment would be required for registration as a trade union. Membership fee and other contributions are the only source of its fund which could be utilised for salaries, for administrative expenses and for providing any allowances to its members in case of death, old age, sickness, accidents, etc.

  • The Act has granted immunity from criminal prosecution for any agreement made between the members for purpose of achieving he objectives of the union. Suit against an officer-bearer or a member of a trade union cannot be filed in a civil court for anything done in the course of a trade dispute alleging that the act has interfered with the contract of employment, trade, business, etc.