About Us:

NCHRC aims at strengthening the focus on child health and related maternal health and mainstreaming child health agenda in public health through collation, development, analysis and dissemination of relevant information to the stakeholders at various levels and creating a platform at national and state level for discussion and information sharing on relevant issues.

Objectives of NCHRC:
  • Provide a nationwide platform for professionals in child and public health to come together and strengthen the discourse on child health.

  • Collation and dissemination of information on best practices and programmes to stakeholders at various levels and also develop a repository of information on child health and maternal health.

  • Build partnerships with institutions and organizations at the national and state level to strengthen the focus and discussion on child health and maternal health.

  • Build capacities of health functionaries at the district, block and grass root level through training and long distance courses.

  • Engage in operations research relevant to the focus areas and objectives of the resource center.