• The Applied Nutrition Programme (ANP) was introduced as a pilot scheme in Orissa in 1963 which later on extended to Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh with the objectives of: a) promoting production of protective food such as vegetables and fruits and b) ensure their consumption by pregnant and nursing mothers and children. During 1973, it was extended to all the state of the country. The nutritional Education was the main focus and efforts were directed to teach rural communities through demonstration how to produce food for their consumption through their own efforts. The beneficiaries are children between 2-6 years and pregnant and lactating mothers. Nutrition worth of 25 paise per child per day and 50 paise per woman per day are provided for 52 days in a year. No definite nutrient content has been specified. The idea is to provide better seeds and encourage kitchen gardens, poultry farming, beehive keeping, etc., but this programme does not produced any impact. The community kitchens and school gardens could not function properly due to lack of suitable land, irrigation facilities, and low financial investment.