• The Tamil Nadu Integrated Nutrition Project was started in 1980 targeting at 6-36 months old children, and pregnant and lactating women. TIMP aimed for:
    To reduced malnutrition upto 50% among children under 4 years of age;
    To reduce infant mortality by 25%;
    To reduce Vit-A deficiency in the under 5 year from about 27% to 5%; and
    To reduce ammonia in pregnant and nursing women from about 55% to about 20%.

  • This project has four major components:
    1. Nutrition services,
    2. Health services,
    3. Communication, and
    4. Monitoring and evaluation.

  • TINP-II was designed to cover in a phased manner. 316 of the total 385 rural blocks in Tamil Nadu. The Goals of the programme were:
    1) To increase the proportion of children classified as "nutritionally normal" by 50% in new and 35% in TINP-II areas;
    2) To reduce the infant mortality to 55% per 1000 live births; and
    3) To 50% reduction in incidence of low birth weight.

    The projects are assisted by World Bank and with the goal of universalisation of ICDs all the TINP blocks will be converted to ICDs blocks.