The Institute has boarding and lodging facilities and can accommodate more than 100 persons at a time. The rooms are free furnished and facilities of common room (for visitors, reading and watching TV. etc.). There is a well equipped Mess with dining room and kitchen having all modern facilities. Administrative functions of the hostel is fully computerised. Hostel is also connected with the campus wide computer network.

Hostel Staff
 Dr. T. G. Shrivastava
 Faculty Incharge, Hostel
PhoneNo :011-26165959,26166441 - Ext 329
 Dr. Ramesh Chand
 Hostel Warden
PhoneNo :011-26165959,26166441 - Ext 325,150
 Mr. Eliazar Tirkey

PhoneNo :011-26165959,26166441 - Ext 154